247 S Horseback Rd, Burnham, ME 04922, US

(207) 948-2369

The official website for the town of Burnham, Maine

Town Officials & Employees

Board of Selectmen

George Robison, Chairman (2020) · 948-3029
Kristy Hapworth (2022) · 416-9889
Wayne Mitchell (2021)

Town Clerk & Registrar of Voters

Stacy Patterson
Deputy: Cay Jones

Town Treasurer

Arlene Miles (2020)

Highway Commissioner

Robert Charles King (2020)

Cemetery Committee

Franz Spiegel - Sexton (2020)

Kennth Basford (2021)

School Administrative District #53

Jason Tardy, Superintendent
Roland Hughes (2020)
Brian Whitney (2022)

Animal Control Officer

Dave Huff · 487-1632

Health Officer

Cay Jones

Plumbing Inspector

Randolph Hall - Dixmont · 234-4006

Code Enforcement Officer

Charles Porter - Unity · 948-6325
Deputy: Randy Hall - Dixmont · 234-4006

Emergency Management Director

Wesley Brooks

Planning Board

Brian Croft, Chairman (2022)
Cay Jones, Secretary (2021)
Matthew Bolster (2022)
Dorothy Nichols (2020)
Brian Swift (2021)

Board of Appeals

James White, Co-Chairman (2022)
Charles Runnels, Co-Chairman (2020)
Richard Castonguay (2019)
Brian Fletcher (2022)

Fire Protection

Robert Charles King, Fire Chief

Kyle King, Assistant Chief

Peter Smedberg, Assistant Chief

Bryan King, Jr., Captain

Christopher King, Captain

Ballot Clerks

Donna Bubar (D)

Kathy Burt (D)
Nancy Edge (D)
Patsy Edwards (D)
Joy Foss (D)

Zyra Hetherman-Murray (D)
James MacDonald (D)
Donna Runnels (D)
Cay Jones (R)
Arlene Miles (R)
Heidi Roy (R)
Susan Russell (R)
Franz Spiegel (R)
Catherine White (R)
Mary Conlogue (U)

Recreation Committee

Jolene Chase

Tiffani Koenig

Lindsay White